About Us



Ekta was born out of the eagerness to explore footwear as a specialisation in fashion, its materials and need to create versatile products that amalgamate modern design with comfort in 2016 under its parent company Pehchan.

The word "EKTA" is Unity and Togetherness. Combining the fine skill of shoemaking, the rich indian heritage of fabrics and many other materials, Love for traditional fabrics and prints, and a desire to give the world various aspects of mixing components together. It started with employing artisans with a single style of Handcrafted traditional Indian Juttis in different variations and thus spreading all over India with also involving techniques like ikat weave and other handloom fabrics from remote villages.

Our love for travelling within Indian territory from last ten years and fashion backround of designer Ekta Khanna, resplendent love handmade fabrics took  to various corners of the country exploring and understanding their history and heritage. It was understood the way these are tied to their culture and to the daily life of communities that make them. With a desire to assist these craftsmen and  bring there colorful creations to the fore The brand EKTA was formed.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each Ekta product is sleek, structured and designed to carry your life, in style. Our wide range of  derbys, boots, juttis, ballerinas, loafers and other shoes for women are made of finest vegan materials. Each product is a seamless blend of elegant design, impeccable quality and innovative construction.

 An eclectic blend of modern silhouettes with traditional indian fabrics and much places still to be explored all around the world, Ekta combines and signifies the best of both worlds. Nostalgia of home combined with the wanderlust of the unknown, our designs blend the national with the international seamlessly.

EKTA shoes have adorned thousands of feet in the past 6 years and have been a part of your festivities as well as the daily struggles and  are crafted and finished at our in-house manufacturing facility in Delhi. 

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